ul. Jozefow

Lodz, 90-001

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Park status: under construction
Park size: 163 000 sqm
Available space: Building A: 73 303 sqm || Building B: 89 485 sqm
Available from:

Park description

Hillwood Lodz I is a logistic park located in Lodz, Central Poland. Park consists of two buildings with a total area of 163 000 sqm. The property is in the Gorna district in the south part of Lodz and just 3 km to highway A1 linking Gdansk and Gliwice and less than 3 km to road no 1, as well as 10 km to the airport.




  • LED lighting
  • Anti-dust floor finishing
  • ESFR sprinkler installation
  • Dock doors with rubber shelters and hydraulic dock levelers
  • Ramps and drive-in doors providing access to the warehouse floor for delivery vehicles, as well as fork-lift transport between maneuvering area and the building
  • Natural light by skylight (min. 3% of the roof)


Hillwood Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Twarda 2

00-105 Warszawa, Polska


+ 48 650 000 225




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