ul. Spoldzielcza

Dabrowka Wielka, 95-100

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Park size: 544 000 sqm
Available space: 544 000 sqm
Minimalny modul: 1 777 sqm
E-brochure: http://e-hillwood.com/brochures/zgierz/

Park description

Hillwood Zgierz is a modern logistics center strategically located in Central Poland. Road No. 702 running directly next to the center ensures a perfect connection with the A2 highway junction, located 2,5 km away, and also with the A1 highway junction, located 15,5 km away. The logistics center is also very well connected with Zgierz (5 km) and Lódz (20 km), which provide access to the qualified labor force. The project offers over 500 000 sqm class A warehouse space.

Locator Map