Mysłowice, 41-400

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Park size:: 23 919 sqm
Available space: 23 919 sqm
E-brochure: http://e-hillwood.com/brochures/myslowice/

Park description

Hillwood Myslowice is a warehouse project with a total area of 23 919 sqm. The project is located at Mikolowska street, just 2,2 km from the Myslowice junction of the A4 highway and 5,3 km from the Brzeczkowice junction, which is a crossing of the A4 highway and the S1 expressway. The location of the project in the Silesian agglomeration provides an excellent point for transport to domestic and foreign markets.


Hillwood Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Twarda 2
00-105 Warszawa, Polska

+ 48 690 000 225 poland@hillwood.com


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