ul. Inwestycyjna

Piekary Śląskie, 41-940

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Park size:: 42 942 sqm
Available space: 42 942 sqm:

Park description

Hillwood Piekary Slaskie is an A-class warehouse center offering over 42 492 sqm. The logistics center is located directly at the Western Ringroad of the Upper Silesian Industrial District (DW911) leading to the A1 highway located just 1,5 km away.

The entrance to the A4 highway is 17,5 km from the logistics center. Access to public transport and location in the heart of the Silesian agglomeration guarantees access to the qualified labor force.


Hillwood Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Twarda 2

00-105 Warszawa, Polska


+48 690 000 225



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