Hillwood is a team of industry leaders, rooted in a winning combination of experience, education and instinct that seeks out opportunity and brings it to reality.  These professionals with talent, imagination and drive are our best assets. 

Michael Alderman
Senior Vice President, Northeast Region

Joe Bass
Senior Vice President, Development

Chris Brown
Senior Vice President - Joint Ventures, United States and Canada

Tom Fishman
Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Dispositions

Gary Frederick
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Northeast Region)

Tal Hicks
President, Hillwood Investment Properties

John Magness
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (West Region)

Hubert Michalak
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Poland)

Kurt Nelson
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Mid-South Region)

Todd Parker
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Southeast Region)

Todd Platt
Chief Executive Officer, Hillwood Investments

Toby Rogers
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Texas Region)

Franetta Savage
Vice President, Property Management

Don Schoenheider
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Midwest Region)

Peter Schuijlenburg
Senior Vice President / Market Leader (Germany)

Dan Tatsch
Senior Vice President

Bob Vicente
Executive Vice President, CFO, COO Hillwood Investments